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Mobile App Development

Custom mobile, iPhone and iPad apps can help increase your brand awareness and provide targeted functionality for specific services your business may offer. From viral, addictive, brand enhancing mobile games, to online ordering functionality, we can develop socially connected mobile and tablet apps to keep your business at the forefront of technology.

There’s an App for that

Apps can be developed to run on iPhone, iPad and the Android operating system. We can also submit them to the relevant Apple and Android marketplace so they are readily available for download.

Premium App Marketing Services

Alongside our popular mobile app design and development services, The ADWEB Agency offer a line of premium App Marketing Services, tailored to owners and developers who have an app listed on the Apple iTunes store. These services are focussed on increasing app sales ROI, exposure of the app within its target category, introduction to developing a more effective marketing plan and recommended visual refinements to increase the app’s appeal.

The service begins with an assessment of the current marketing plan, App Store Optimisation (ASO) and an analysis of the app itself.

App Marketing Services Report

We provide a comprehensive analysis of the following areas:

  • We analyse your app icon and provide suggestions for improvement based on universal guidelines and our extensive design expertise.
  • App screenshots are more important than ever in showcasing the important features of your app. We provide recommendations for how to communicate these features and convert into downloads.
  • Attractive design is not only important for the app icon, but also the app itself. We provide suggestions for improving the visual layout and what will need to be done for you to achieve a beautiful app that everyone will be talking about.
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the number one area for improving your app’s visibility and downloads in the iTunes app store. We analyse your app’s meta data and can provide suggestions and a strategy for an ongoing campaign to push your app upward in its category.
  • App Analytics help to provide a background on where your users are coming from and what they are searching for. We provide suggestions on various options for uncovering this information and then using it to your advantage.
  • App store feedback and reviews help to validate the quality of your app. We analyse your reviews and provide suggestions for how to increase the amount and improve your downloads.
  • App name and description are all factors which influence how users find your app and the position of your ranking on the app store. We analyse the current name and can provide suggestions for improvement, particularly in the case of multiple apps.
  • If you have minimal downloads, your app pricing may be an issue. We analyse how your existing app price is affecting downloads and can provide suggestions for different pricing models to increase your potential customer base.
  • Your app website landing page needs to be visually exciting and as impressive as your app, to ensure users are swiftly directed to the relevant app store. We make recommendations for how the path to download can be improved, both in terms of content and overall usability.
  • Social media is a great way to increase awareness of your app, but it needs to be managed properly to fully utilise its benefits. We can provide recommendations for how to increase your social popularity and reach a larger group of customers.
  • When it comes to app promotion, there are various external marketing sites which offer services to increase downloads. Some of these services are free services, while others have additional costs. We can explain the different types of services so that you are fully empowered with the knowledge to market your app.
  • App retention is an area that is often overlooked. Statistics show that users may download an app and forget about it in 6 months. We can provide information and suggestions for how to improve this area and keep users coming back.
  • App owners and developers should know and understand their competition at all stages of app development and launch. We can provide services which allow you to see where your competition ranks on the store and how they achieve this position.

If you are thinking of creating an app or already have one on the Apple iTunes store, we highly recommend these services to improve your app’s visibility. Developing a great mobile app is just the first stage in the process and having a solid marketing strategy and understanding App Store Optimisation (ASO) ensures you’re competing on the same level as the high ranking apps.

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